Sunday Church

Ordinarily our meetings are in Newton Hall Community Centre, but due to the ongoing situation regarding the Coronavirus, we are gathering electronically using the video-conferencing app Zoom. 

10am Service

What would Jesus say to our Cornavirus world?  How about to a Coronavirus 'super-spreader' or sufferer?  What would he say to those seeking to take advantage of this crisis for personal gain, or to those taking refuge in their wealth at this time?  These are the sort of questions we're considering at our morning services over the coming weeks. 

Join us over Zoom for songs, puppets, children's activities, a talk from the Bible and more, using the link below.  If you'd like to join, but would prefer to remain anonymous, just click 'join without video' when prompted. 

10am Service Downloads

Service Sheet

Children's Craft 1

Children/Youth Sermon Notes Sheet

7.45pm Service

While we're unable to meet physically we're running an additional Sunday service at 7.45pm designed to complement our morning meeting.  We sing, pray, listen to a sermon on 1 Peter, and spend some time reflecting on it, or discussing it with others.

7.45pm service downloads

Service Sheet

If you'd like details of how to join this service, get in touch:

contact us


Here's a selection of some of the songs we sing at Grace Church on a Sunday, courtesy of Spotify.